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US Patented Technology Reducing Solar Panel Size by Half With Kinematic Charger

The highly anticipated Kinematic Charger is poised to take center stage at the Asia Clean Energy Summit, held at the Marina Bay Sands Exhibition on 24-25 October 2023 in Singapore.

Dr. Stephen Horowitz, Chief Technology Officer of Switching Battery, explained, "The Kinematic Charger is a breakthrough technology that not only reduces electricity consumption by an impressive 30-70% but also cuts the size of solar panels in half."

The technology has received its fourth US patent and is developed jointly by Switching Battery Inc and Singapore-based company Fizix Solar. The Kinematic Charger optimizes energy flow by harnessing redundancy states within energy systems. This ensures that every watt produced serves a purpose, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. The technology ingeniously employs batteries as intermediaries, bridging the gap between intermittent solar energy and variable load demands.

"The Kinematic Charger overcomes the problem of reliability and affordability of solar systems that empowers users to make eco-conscious choices without compromising on lifestyle," said Kannappan Chettiar, the inventor of the Kinematic Charger. Chettiar, a recent recipient of the second position at the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computing (CEC) and the Genetic and Evolutionary Computing Conference (GECCO) in July 2023, added, "It's about more than just saving energy; it's about shrinking carbon footprints and bills."

“We're making sustainable living accessible to all," Chettiar emphasized, "by seamlessly integrating luxury and environmental responsibility."

Fizix Solar's participation in the Asia Clean Energy Summit underscores its commitment to a brighter and greener future. The event serves as a platform for industry leaders, scientists, and innovators to showcase technologies that address the global energy challenge.

About Fizix Solar / Switching Battery Inc

Fizix Solar & Switching Battery Inc, founded by Kannappan Chettiar, a distinguished nine-time award-winning entrepreneur and scientist, is committed to reshaping the renewable energy sector. Through pioneering technologies like the Kinematic Charger, Fizix Solar & Switching Battery aims to democratize sustainable living, ensuring it is both reliable and cost-effective.

20 October 2023

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